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Michael Bogdanow

“Can I Sue For That?”

Have you, a family member or a friend ever been injured and wondered whether you (or they) could pursue a legal claim for damages? Or, if you are an attorney, have you ever been asked, “Can I bring a law […]

Ken Margolin

Muscle Cream Overdose Causes Teen Athlete's Death

You’ve probably heard by now, of the sad case of Arielle Newman, the 17 year old track star, who died from using too much muscle cream. You know the products – the wintergreen scented balms with labels and ads claiming to transform the weekend athlete, into Michael Jordan in his prime. Most of these products contain the drug, methyl salicylate. Apparently, the young woman put adhesive pads over…

Ken Margolin

Asthma Drug Xolair Risks

Asthma is a highly-prevalent, yet also easily treatable condition. Drugs and inhalers can make asthma manageable for sufferers and enable them to suppress symptoms and to deal effectively with sudden, severe flare-ups. Asthma is often related to allergies and therefore responds to treatment by so-called “allergy shots.” The benefit of this treatment is that the patient does not need to take…