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Valerie Yarashus

When Settlements Can Incorporate an Apology and Education

Aaron Lazare, M.D., noted author of On Apology and the former dean of University of Massachusetts Medical School, has written and spoken extensively about the components of a meaningful apology.  In one article he summarized it as follows: There are […]

Valerie Yarashus

Workplace Art and the Federal Agency that Regulates Trucking Companies

Symbols are important.  When we put them in our office, they remind us – and everyone who works in that space – of our goals and aspirations, and why we are there in the first place. Sometimes, we can find […]

Chrissie Cole

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Hannaford for Data Breach

A class action lawsuit was recently filed against Hannaford Bros. on behalf of the consumers whose credit card and debit card numbers were stolen when the company’s computers were hacked.The lawsuit was filed Wednesday, in the U.S. District Court in Portland and claims the supermarket chain was negligent in providing adequate computer data security.The class action lawsuit follows a security…

Jenny Albano

Pool Drain Lawsuit Filed Because of Drowning

Parents of a boy who drowned filed a lawsuit Monday, January 28 against the town of Greenwich, Shoreline Pools, and others. The 6 year-old drowned when his arm became caught in a powerful swimming pool drain. The lawsuit, by Brian and Karen Cohn, alleges that the pool safety violates safety requirements that were instated after many similar tragedies.The lawsuit, which seeks damages of more…

Ken Margolin

Settling Cases

Fifteen years ago, the idea of formal mediation of a serious personal injury case in Massachusetts, was cutting edge stuff. Settlement of most cases took place the old-fashioned way, via phone calls or meetings between counsel and at times, insurance adjusters. Today, by way of contrast, a look at the advertisements in the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, shows more than 30 ads for alternative…

Ken Margolin

Virginia Tech Faulted in Student Deaths

An eight-person panel, appointed by Virginia Tech. President, Timothy M. Kaine, issued its report yesterday, on the April 16th multiple murder at the school. The panel said that lives could have been saved if the school administration had issued a timely warning that two students had been murdered. The two were killed approximately two hours before the killer proceeded to another building and…

Ken Margolin

The Expert Witness Industry

Many serious personal injury cases, and pretty much all products liability and medical malpractice actions, require expert witnesses. The experts testify on topics including the mechanism of injury, industry standards or medical standard of care, the plaintiff’s medical condition, economic loss, and others. Local experts may not want to testify against a professional or company in their own…

Ken Margolin

Protecting Consumers from Binding Arbitration Clauses

Big corporations love binding arbitration clauses. They are hidden in many contracts, requiring the individual to give up his or her right to a jury trial in the case of a dispute with the company. Some clauses attempt to block class actions. When large corporations are safe from class actions, they can cheat large numbers of people in small increments, knowing that paying off the few…

Jenny Albano

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Ken Margolin

Back to Business

District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Judith Bartnoff, ruled in favor of the defendant dry cleaning shop owners in the $67 million dollar pants case (media now describe it as the $54 million dollar pants lawsuit, but why quibble). Life gets back to normal for the American civil justice system, but some damage has been done. Opponents of access to justice by ordinary people, and trial lawyer…