Boston, Massachusetts


Valerie Yarashus

Side Guards on Trucks Save Lives in Urban Areas

Trucks are 4% of road users, but account for 11% of bicycle fatalities nationally, and even higher percentages in cities – for example, in NYC, trucks accounted for 32% of bicycle fatalities.  In the Boston area, there have been a shocking […]

Valerie Yarashus

Workplace Art and the Federal Agency that Regulates Trucking Companies

Symbols are important.  When we put them in our office, they remind us – and everyone who works in that space – of our goals and aspirations, and why we are there in the first place. Sometimes, we can find […]

Chrissie Cole

Truck Accident Leaves Beef Spilled On Mass. Pike

Three tractor trailers and one car were involved in a collision on the Massachusetts Turnpike early this morning.
The crash occurred at 2:30 a.m. near the eastbound Weston tolls when a…

Margaret Embry

Trucking Accident Statistics in Massachusetts

It is estimated that an average of 5,000 Americans are killed each year in tractor-trailer related accidents. In Massachusetts, there were twenty-two fatal accidents involving tractor-trailers in…

Jenny Albano

Freight Train and Commuter Train Collide, Over 200 Injured

On Tuesday afternoon a freight train rolled from a side track onto the main line and collided with a commuter train that was stationary injuring over 200 people. Around 150 people were treated on scene and another 80 were taken to local hospitals. None of the injuries were life-threatening and the majority were minor. There were about 300 passengers on the Stoughton-bound train.Pesaturo said…

Ken Margolin

Truck Accidents Unbound

Last week, it was a large truck that overturned on Route 128, near Lexington, creating a massive traffic jam for hours. On almost any given day on an elevated ramp near Chelsea, a truck may catapult the guard rail and fall to the road below. Large trucks so frequently cause gridlock, crashes, injuries, and death, on Massachusetts roadways, that reports of the damage they cause, seem…

Ken Margolin

Truck Accident Victims Unite for Change

Sometimes the only solace after a loved one has been killed due to corporate negligence and greed, is to join with other grieving families to lobby for change. That is just what the families of children killed by truck driver negligence did, in forming Parents Against Tired Truckers (P.A.T.T.), and Citizens for Reliable and Safe Highways (CRASH). Together, they call themselves the Truck Safety…

Ken Margolin

Is Law Enforcement the Way to Reduce Truck Accidents?

I’ve posted a few blogs on this site, recounting the fearsome toll on the highways due to large truck accidents and truck driver negligence. The list of well-known causes of fatal truck accidents includes speed, excessive driver hours, drug use, oftentimes to help the driver stay awake, faulty equipment, and inadequate safety training. An excellent blog by Attorney Jeff Lowe, of Missouri,…

Ken Margolin

Large Truck Crashes

Last year, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (“FMCSA”) reported to Congress, the results of a 3-year study into the causes of large truck crashes. Large trucks were defined for the study, as any truck weighing 5 tons or more. The study was the most comprehensive yet conducted, involving a thorough review of nearly 1,000 crashes in 17 states. The purpose of the study was to gain an…

Ken Margolin

Trucking Deregulation Endangers Roadway Safety

A December 3rd article in The New York Times discusses the influence of the trucking industry and lobby in Washington, DC. Recent loosening of rules concerning the trucking industry has renewed debate about the soundness of the current administration’s push to deregulate industry. Truck accidents involving passenger cars continue to be a major problem, causing injury and death on our roadways….