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Michael Bogdanow

Six Key Ingredients Of A Successful Small Firm

When did Peter Gabriel become a trusted advisor to small law firms? Well, he may not have realized it, but when he sang, “Don’t give up, ’cause you have friends, don’t give up, you’re not the only one,” he was […]

Valerie Yarashus

Write a Letter or Make a Video to your Kids: What My Clients Have Taught Me about Mother’s Day

We have the illusion of safety and control in our lives, but the truth is that none of us know whether this Mother’s Day (or Father’s Day) will be our last.  I just read a terrific blog – Slate: Dear Kids: […]

Valerie Yarashus

Why Our Clients Benefit When We Exercise

Many of us have heard the saying, “Being a great trial lawyer is a marathon, not a sprint.”   In some important ways, this is true – we have to find ways to hang in there for the long run and […]