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Problem Medical Negligence Areas

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There may be no better way to learn the current areas in which there are the most problems with substandard medical care, than to look at the web site of CRICO/RMF (also known as “Risk Management Foundation”), one of the largest medical malpractice insurers. Risk Management Foundation’s web site identifies 4 areas that generate just over 2/3 of all medical malpractice claims. These areas are misdiagnosis, medication errors, obstetrics, and surgery. While there is no single cure for areas of medical practice in which there are too many medical errors, the CRICO/RMF site suggests that improvement in the administration of medical offices and hospital departments, education and training of physicians in best practices, “redundancy,” i.e. checks and double-checks to make sure proper steps have been taken, and better communication and team training, can all add significantly to patient safety.