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Ken Margolin
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Virginia Tech Faulted in Student Deaths

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An eight-person panel, appointed by Virginia Tech. President, Timothy M. Kaine, issued its report yesterday, on the April 16th multiple murder at the school. The panel said that lives could have been saved if the school administration had issued a timely warning that two students had been murdered. The two were killed approximately two hours before the killer proceeded to another building and murdered 31 more people. The report did conclude that more than the initial two students would likely have been killed, even if the school had acted promptly. The panel also faulted the school for not sufficiently responding to the mental problems of the murderer – student, Seung-Hui Cho. It’s depressing to think that an unhinged mass murderer afoot on a college campus, has to be “reasonably foreseeable” in the language of tort law. Given Columbine, the college murder in Montreal, and other mass murders on school properties, that may be the reality in the early 21st century.