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Is Law Enforcement the Way to Reduce Truck Accidents?

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I’ve posted a few blogs on this site, recounting the fearsome toll on the highways due to large truck accidents and truck driver negligence. The list of well-known causes of fatal truck accidents includes speed, excessive driver hours, drug use, oftentimes to help the driver stay awake, faulty equipment, and inadequate safety training. An excellent blog by Attorney Jeff Lowe, of Missouri, suggests that a key component of any effort to reduce truck-accident deaths and serious injuries, must be increased law enforcement. Attorney Lowe cites increased law enforcement on the highways as an important factor in the reduction of serious highway accidents in Illinois, Missouri, and 14 other states. Keeping the heat on big rig drivers and companies engaging in unsafe practices, takes constant effort. The trucking lobby is powerful, and has a vested interest in keeping the roads clear – including from troublesome law enforcement stops – for their big rig loads.